#2: Singularity.

We cannot see blackholes, but they are out there.

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They will pull you towards their event horizon.

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The event horizon is the point of no return (even light cannot escape).

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Beyond the event horizon, there is only one destination – the blackhole.

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Everything you know begins to break down.

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Crazy things happen here.

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Time no longer makes sense.

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Blackholes are a lesson in extremes.

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This is much like love.

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Love has an event horizon as well. You can’t see it coming, but once caught, you will feel it. It’s like the flick of a switch you never even knew existed. Love can feel like chaos. Once in love, it seems like there can be no escape from it. Time doesn’t matter – ceases to exist. Only love exists. Your reality breaks down and all of a sudden you can do things that you’d never consider before. Love is a singularity.

How does all this relate back to Tim? Well, before Tim was insane, Tim fell in love…

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