#1: Introducing Tim.

This is Tim.

1111comics - timisinsane - 00001a

He’s a pretty normal guy – no super powers, no unusual habits to speak of, except that Tim is insane.

1111comics - timisinsane - 00001b

Or at least, that’s what his friends think.

1111comics - timisinsane - 00001c

Because his mind is in a state of constant emergency – walking on the edge of reality and something else.

1111comics - timisinsane - 00001d

Tim wonders what’s down there beyond the precipice of what we can see and comprehend, but he’s afraid to venture forth. What if it’s dangerous? What if he can’t get back out?

1111comics - timisinsane - 00001e

And yet he wants to know, feels he needs to know.

1111comics - timisinsane - 00001f

But Tim wasn’t always like this. There was a time before…

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