I’m alive. 1111 is back.

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Hello all you wonderful people who worried about me. I know I scared everyone, and believe me, I scared myself a lot more. I had a breakdown of sorts and went to a place in my head I’ve never been before and hope never to return to. It was the most terrifying week of my life and the first crazy thing I did was delete 1111 comics. I deleted all the social media and files on my computer. I lost my tumblr handle as a result and my original photoshop files but at least I had backups of my website and fb made it really hard to delete my page for which I am grateful (that was easily restored).

During that bad week I didn’t eat, hardly slept and lost my sense of reality – which is quite ironic given the subject of my comics. That being said, I am back and amazingly feel my complete old self again. I couldn’t have done it without my friends and family who were obviously very worried about me, as I know a lot of 1111 fans were too. We sometimes forget how important we are to other people in this world, but when things get really bad they will be there for us if we remember to ask for help. We are never alone, so speak to someone as soon as you can if things are getting bad. And if you think you’re alone – you’re not. You have me for one and I will always have time for you.

I included my first public photo in this post. It’s me with my friend, Candy, who is going to hang out with me for the week to make sure all is well. She’s the best. My second favorite color is green, so I really like the t-shirt I’m wearing. Also behind me on the left is an unfinished banana smoothie which I was drinking and my laptop upon which I make all my comics. I hope to make comics once more, but for the time being I need to get some normality back into my life and that begins with a stable income – I’m going to get a real job. I’ll make more comics in the future, but like all artists, I need support. I will restart my patreon page for anyone who’d like to see new 1111 comics in their feed.

Thank you,


  • Zuhair

    It is really great that you’re back, I missed you and I got worried about your sudden disappearance. A similar thing once happened with me, but thankfully I recovered quickly and with little loss, for that I stand with you. Always surround yourself with positive people, as they will always be there for help.
    Best wishes :D

    • 1111

      Hey Zuhair! I know you :) Thank you for the message. I am largely recovered so you know. Sleep is the main problem for me right now – I have too many nightmares from the bad week, but it will get easier.

  • Pedro

    I saw your job for only a short time before you disable all the comics and the social medias, and even so, it felt like i had lost onde of the thing i most treasure, your way of thinking things out is amazing, and i can’t even describe how thankfull i am that you’re better now, i get really worried, hope that you can found yourself happiest than you have ever been, and hope that you continue to keep with the greatests comics with the greatest descriptions that i’ve ever seen

    • 1111

      I love your message. Thank you.

  • Agnes Octaviani

    Hey, i’m not really good at expressing my feelings and thoughts with words. Just wanna say, I’m glad you’re there, makes these comics, and inspired me a lot :)
    You’re exist for some reason..
    Thank you Alex, and welcome back :)

    • 1111

      Haha. Thank you. Your message warms me. I will make new comics… maybe one for tomorrow??? ;)

  • anna

    I’m so happy that you’re okay. I can’t wait to see your new work and I hope everything works itself and you get a good job :)

    • 1111


  • http://www.digillette.com Diane

    I am so glad to know you are doing better. So many of your fans missed you while you were gone and worried about what might have happened. Healing takes time, but know your fans support you. Looking forward to new comics when you are ready!

    • 1111

      Thank you. I didn’t even think about my fans when I deleted 1111 comics. It was crazy, and I feel really bad about that. Sorry.

  • UnearthedComics

    Yay! So glad you are back and high-fives for making your experience public. Reflections like that are so helpful to others who are thinking similar thoughts or who are in a similar place. Thanks for coming back and we welcome you “home” with wide open arms! Cheers, my friend!

  • Jon Perry

    It happens to the best of us. Welcome back.

  • Darrisson Hubbard

    Really glad you’re back. I’d just started reading and made it all the way to the most recent comic and then suddenly poof. You had me worried for a minute there. Glad that you’re feeling better, even if not yet at 100%, and don’t worry about us. Take all the normal you need.

  • SilentWolfee

    You probably don’t know me because I’m more of a lurker, but know that I worried when you vanished. I suffer from PTSD and just that can be really really scary. *hugs* You have so many people who care about you, don’t forget that.

  • Prang

    Hey Good to have you back, man. Glad ya got friends and family to support you :)

  • Simo

    I’m glad you’re back! Do not go more and do not scare us like that. And would you be against me to translate your comics? It helps me to learn. (Prior to that, I did it secretly, just tssss ;)

    • 1111

      Of course you may translate my comics :) And I’m sorry for scaring you.

  • codesurfer

    That is scary. I know how that kind of thing feels and you’re right it is important to talk to those close to you.