About 1111

1111 comics (“eleven eleven”) is a strip focused on life, happiness and existence. The comics can be both amusing or dark, depending on how you want to view them. Furthermore…


1) 1111 is not looking to answer questions, but rather to muse on them,
2) 1111 does not seek to validate, endorse, or cause you to question your religion,
3) If 1111 makes any claim, it is unlikely to be correct,
4) 1111 uses terms and characters to touch on many concepts. Such terms and characters have their own meaning within 1111 comics.

Terms used in 1111 include (please read these in context of Rule #3 above):

God = an entity which is infinitely everything at the same time
Love = an intense emotion for something or someone before which nothing else matters
Happiness = I don’t know what this is, but it feels good
Heaven = bliss (I cannot explain this for you)
Reality = that in which you and I live and exist
Infinite = an endless amount
Existence = everything; the opposite of nothing
One = something
Zero = nothing (no time, space, or anything)
Forever = for all existence

If you have any questions, want to correct me, or want to send me something nice, you can email:
me at 1111comics.me