#93: Whose reality?

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If reality is what we make it, then everything is just a very convincing illusion. Whose created reality would this be? Mine or yours? If this is my existence, I would rather be in the reality of the one I love knowing that they created me and are more real than I ever could be.

  • Morlott

    And the one that loves you will have to think “what a douche he should
    have a stronger personality.” Also, as stated earlier this day. If you
    can not measure/logically answer this question it is marked unsolvable.
    Thus it is a waste of time. And the truth might even be an intermix of
    everyone imagining things together with everybody else in the entire
    universe. Still not answerable. And if you actually got the answer –
    what would you do with it? What would it change? Get a grip on your
    reality angst.

    • MrArthoz .

      Or better still rather than putting up that chaotic musing, become that person who he is imagining for…among friends and family there always those odd few who are silenty suffers and could find solace in nothing but their own imagination…although once you’ve become an anchor for their sanity they’ll be very clingy and sometimes you have have to fight their demons for them….oh well better that having to go to their funeral…they are after all…family…