• Morlott

    How about you start accepting that there will always be someone bullying others for being different? Find them others. Support them against those antibodies. Make that difference. Maybe you’ll get some of it back and find the strength to be you in turn.Also. How about telling that troll he can stick it to himself? Where is your willpower?

    • MrArthoz .

      Again…this…I guess you doesn’t live in the real world…oh well…no point to say anything more…

  • Myk

    It’s seems as though the loud and rude sort of person always has the largest following. They’re confident in themselves and try to make the world resemble how they would like it. People with similar views tend to latch on, as we all wish to see the world look how we think it should, and we all try to support those who we think could support us and our goals. I couldn’t speak towards whether it is right or wrong, and this comic very clearly shows the downside to getting ones own way when it involves others.

  • Myself

    sounds like a perfect example of a politicians way to get people on his side.