#81: Kill it.

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A comic homage to one of the greatest villains of all time (and our devil’s hero) – the abominable snow monster from SkiFree. You could never escape the snow monster. It would always bring sudden and terrifying death. Life was precious in SkiFree, and death inevitable. SkiFree is a game which came with early releases of Windows on PC.

  • Elias

    “Sudden and terrifying death” is probably the best way to describe the SkiFree experience. Great game, hilarious comics. Keep it up!

  • Ben McLean

    OMG I remember that guy :D

    • 1111


  • Timothy
  • Kyle

    Not a lot of people know this but you can outrun the abominable snowman by hitting the spacebar. thats how you escape him. Nevertheless, loved this game.

  • ThaĆ­s Cavalcante

    I think your comic site should be 666…. O_O

  • T to the J

    Wow. Have not used that neuron in a long time… Nice job! :)