• Morlott

    The amount of stupidity available to humans makes me think our reality goes on outside our heads, too. Nothing artificially projected would waste so much energy on irrelevances.

  • Sebastián Chacón

    We believe something because we have certain amount of proof that we think is reasonable and sufficient. However, there is no absolute proof of anything. All the proof we have is limited by our limited perception. Thus, we could say that everybody has a different existence which is defined by their perception. We believe something because we perceive it. Are hallucinations real? Only in the mind of the one who hallucinates. If everybody has the same hallucination, then it’s not a hallucination (or it’s very unlikely that it is).

    • Kyle

      I spent 6 hours recently convinced that the hallucinations i was experiencing were real and permanent, but things wore off and i found myself scraping for the insight i had just wished would go away.

      • Nitschke

        Ive experienced this. I remember feeling terrified and wishing I could forget what I had just “discovered” but now that I have I wish I could remember.

  • Myself

    Glad I’m not the only one with crazy thoughts.