• Morlott

    If you do not realize that this is the very motor for anything mankind has ever achieved to actually be distinguishable from a mere animalistic lifeform… or actually being nothing but a planetary virus – noone can help you.

  • http://theios.net/ Rico Penguin

    “Is the constant search for the answer to ‘why’ a sort of hell within which we all exist?”

    Short answer is no.
    Long answer is also no.

    The fact that we don’t know everything is what keeps things so exciting. Each time we stretch back the edges of our understanding and find a brave new world to explore revealed to us.

    • 1111

      Unless you begin to question love, life, reality, and destroy them for yourself. I’ve been there. It’s not a nice place, it’s not even bad. It’s hell. Besides, I asked a question and I don’t presume to know the answer.

      • MrArthoz .

        True…we once asked a math prof the reasoning for 1+1=2. The answer filled the whole wall of whiteboard….nobody remembered the details of whatever he taught us that day…only we never forget that heavenly joy if discovering the answer and we accepted that 1+1 is 2…