• Morlott

    For me this is a curse. I am doomed to make the same mistake twice in my lifetime when I forget too much – I can’t control it the way I should if it were a tool. My brain fails me slowly. Not the experience I had hoped for.

    • Wholesomechoice

      Maybe you haven’t learned the right lesson from before. That’s why you make the mistake twice.

    • Comrade Bobo

      We made mistake to learn.

    • BottomBreeder

      Try a eugeroic as well as some anti-plaque compounds being tested for Alz, and do daily puzzles to help remap the neuronal pathways. In the end, you might not remember like you want to, but you’ll be awesome at Scrabble and Suduko (http://bit.ly/1wcOwtO) – and those, you’ll remember! Last week? Not so much.