• Morlott

    Finding your antithesis is better. It puts into question everything you express making you think harder. Soulmates just enforce you to think you’re right about everything because someone else thinks like you. That’s not helping.

    • Julie

      Truthfully, finding your soul’s mate would be to find the antithesis of you because they are quite literally the other half to your soul. And on a more emotional level, your soul mate would drive you, encourage you, challenge you, and help you grow. They would antagonize you, but only as far as they need to, and not just to irk you.

      I really like these comics, especially that they’re incorporating some sense of religion into them. The truth for those who seek meaningful relationships is that God is in those relationships. You find it in yourselves, in each other, and through your relationship, you (should) strengthen your faith.

      A new fan :)

      • 1111

        Welcome <3

    • BottomBreeder

      Then I have found you! (bleech!)


  • Wholesomechoice

    I think finding your soulmate is just one piece of the puzzle.

  • MrArthoz .

    Reading the last box…suddenly in my mind played the robot prayers from futurama…100110010001001110001….now I get it….

  • Kyle

    I love this comic because the last panel appears to be a manifestation of the act of procreation- the individual streams of 1 and 0 are a parallel to DNA. One partner brings the red and the other brings the blue, and together they make one more step in the sequence of understanding ourselves/god/reality/existence

  • Stereo Sheet

    What is a soul mate?