• lorkdork_9

    This matches my experiences closely.

  • Morlott

    What if I told you that this is the one you have to answer for yourself, given as the ultimate token of free choice?

    • BottomBreeder

      Free choice is the ability to choose your answer? You can seek an answer yourself, by choice, but to provide your own answer is delusional, if there is no answer to be had.

      By the same token, I could be a delusion — or merely delusional.

      I prefer a mix of both.

  • machi

    i don’t know. what do you don’t know? i don’t know.

  • Myself

    It’s the things that you don’t know that you don’t know that will give you a better understanding if you knew they existed. I understand life .000000000000000000000000003% more now that I know what I didn’t know yesterday.

  • Tony Call

    Why not?

  • Adrien Mau

    Maybe you know some stuff about Godel work ? I think real life is not far from Mathematics, where no theory can answer all questions, you would need infinite axioms for that…
    Also you cannot answer anything if you don’t have axioms first :/

  • Mark TheGamer

    False. There is an answer to everything. If there isn’t one or other, there will be one later.