• Morlott

    It’s also heresy.

    • Stephen

      Once again, No one cares Morlott. Take your close minded self somewhere else.

      • Morlott

        -Tips you on the shoulder- nothing is more closed minded than his absolutes. And I do not bother anyone’s blabbering abou my mindset. I am thinking about this a lot longer than you two and came to PRACTICAL consequences. While you and mr comic were busy trying to “interprete god in new ways” people did not starve because I fed them in time. You can not interprete or grasp a will several steps ahead on the kardashev scale. And boy, how I do not need to have anyone caring about my opinions. I would be content if mr. One dimension got the message in time. But even that is optional. Now try again with something more substantial. Thing is, as long as you only fight against someones opinion with a ridiculous assumption -how can he or she take you or ME serious? I was merely trolling this stripe because he did the same mistake so often I got quity angry. I do better in later stages and even agree with some things he draw. But can your mind exist outside of absolutes?

        • 1111

          Morlott, as creator of 1111 I enjoy everyone having a point of view and sharing it. I don’t mind if people criticize or troll my comics – it’s fine, be my guest, and I am pleased you have taken the time to read all my comics add contribute your 2 cents. However, I believe in good manners and open-mindedness. I could have deleted your comments a long time ago, but I’m not in the habit of criticizing other people’s beliefs or trying to force my views on others, so as a user of my website I would think you’d also be courteous. Given you’ve been through all my comics I assume you’ve read the About page – it’s short and easy to follow. Here are the top few points:

          1) 1111 is not looking to answer questions, but rather to muse on them,

          2) 1111 does not seek to validate, endorse, or cause you to question your religion,

          3) If 1111 makes any claim, it is unlikely to be correct,

          4) 1111 uses terms and characters to touch on many concepts. Such terms
          and characters have their own meaning within 1111 comics.

          Furthermore, on my FAQ I have:

          >>Are you insane?

          >>Maybe. Are you?

          What’s the point of trying to convince an insane person of anything?

          Also, the subtext for 1111comics includes: “you’ll learn nothing here” – if you think I am being genuine in all my commentaries then you should believe I am being genuine in the adage for my comic.

          Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you wrote:

          “And boy, how I do not need to have anyone caring about my opinions. I
          would be content if mr. One dimension got the message in time.”

          BUT YOU WROTE THIS IN A PUBLIC FORUM. You obviously want everyone to read your opinion. If you just wanted to get the message to me you’d send me an email to the address I provide on both my About and my Contact pages. I actually explicitly have written: “If you have any questions, want to correct me, or just need someone to talk to, please email: me@1111comics.me” – note the part about wanting to correct me.

          If you feel it necessary to preach your views and ideas upon the world then please do this somewhere else. I don’t want my readers to think their opinions and beliefs will be scrutinized by those who know no more than the rest of us but feel the need to judge.

          Have a nice day.

          • MrArthoz .

            I guess this answers one of my previous problem: “if I should love others how I love myself, will this be flawed if I am a masochist…”

            Here I saw someone who seemed to like drawing negative attention to his person and then lash out to others…just an opinion from my flawed perspective…please don’t hurt me…@_@

  • Alex Wolfe

    Why does making something, or even everything, mean it doesn’t matter?? I’m really not following your logic.

    • 1111

      You’d have to convince yourself it matters. There would be no one else to tell you it matters. It would be an eternal back and forth with yourself.

      • Alex Wolfe

        I still don’t follow. Why can’t you convince yourself it matters? Why do you need someone else to do that? And why wouldn’t there be anyone else to do that, anyway?

        • 1111

          You need to break it down. You CAN convince yourself as long as you are able to forget how you convinced yourself – sometimes that just might require you to keep believing and whenever a doubt comes into your mind, just focus on something else. Focus on what you believe. Once you believe something, that is it. Our ability to forget is truly powerful. If you couldn’t forget, then you’d never be able to convince yourself of anything – because you’d constantly be asking yourself: “Why?”

          • Alex Wolfe

            Why do you need to forget how you convinced yourself in order to believe something? I use logic and evidence to convince myself of things, so remembering how I came to a conclusion only makes it stronger. As a God, presumably I’d have access to all the evidence in the world and infinite intelligence to draw all conclusions instantly. So I would never need to ask any questions. But that’s assuming I’m an omnipotent and omniscient God. There are other kinds of gods in our mythology. Most gods in mythology very powerful and some are seemingly omnipotent, but are still capable of making choices, asking questions and making moral judgements. So when one wishes to be a God, there needs to be clarification on what properties that god would have.

          • 1111

            In regards to your first question: I don’t know, but I’m happy not to delve into understanding why. Sometimes you have to let the last ‘why’ go.
            In regards to everything else you wrote: I completely agree.

          • Darke Zheng

            I agree with Alex that the ability to remember how you convinced yourself should strengthen your conviction, not weaken it. After all, if it convinced you then, why wouldn’t it convince you now? Forgetting should cause us more doubt than remembering, because forgetfulness can turn conviction into prejudice and baseless faith.

            Basically, like Alex, I also don’t follow your reasoning here. And I really want to understand, and I believe he does too. Why does being God mean nothing matters?

          • 1111

            Hahaha. I was so confused at first reading your message because my name is Alex too. Okay, let me try to explain a different way from the perspective of believing in God. There is no definitive proof of God that everyone can look at be like: yep, that proves it. There will always be the question of ‘why does that prove God exists?’ So, if at any moment in life you get to the point that you feel God has ‘spoken’ to you through life, then you will believe in God at that moment but you will also have your ‘evidence’ of ‘His’ existence at that time. Over time the evidence will seem less convincing and if you keep focusing on the evidence rather than the belief you will eventually question whether the evidence was even convincing and ultimately lose your belief in God. You need to forget what made you believe in the first place so you stop questioning the evidence.

            Now, take it from the perspective of God creating EVERYTHING. He has the complete ability to change anything about existence whenever he wants, so love and hate, and good and evil are only there because he let it be there, but they don’t really matter because ultimately if he wanted to he could change anything at any moment. What makes love special? The fact that it’s so rare. The fact that it’s so much better than hate and evil. Just like diamonds and gold. If you can alter the quantities of a beautiful thing you can make it worthless. Perspective creates definition and value, but that is lost if we can change everything at whim.

            If someone you really loved didn’t love you back, but you could make a wish to make them love you – kind of like a brainwash, how would you feel about it afterwards? Would you feel good about yourself? Would you trust their love?

            If God made us. And we love God, but God KNOWS that he made us and made us love him, then do you think he trusts our love? Or feels good about the love he created to love him?

            He would need to forget that he made everything.

            Does that make sense? I’m happy to answer any more questions :) Obviously, this is all just my interpretation of existence and logic.

          • 1111

            You know what, I don’t know. It was just a logical exercise I was doing but as I show in the comic it all starts again which means the answer will reveal itself one day if not today :)

          • Myself

            please continue…

        • Kyle

          This thread ended long ago but i think it has a lot to do with the cheat code question. What is the point of existence if everything goes your way? If you can stop your wife from dying, stop yourself from dying, if you could give everyone a happy life, then what else is there to do? Its an admittedly buddhist viewpoint (that life is suffering, and learning from that suffering) but never the less, brings us back to the 1111 argument. and as the creator says below, its not here to give you answers, merely to muse on these thoughts.

          • Alex Wolfe

            This idea that there is no meaning without suffering is hogwash in my opinion. Having fun, being creative, exploring, loving… I think these have intrinsic value to us and don’t require suffering in order to be enjoyed and “meaningful”. Although I admit I find the concept of “meaning” itself to be quite wishy washy. Depending on how you look at things, you could say that nothing has any ultimate meaning. I just don’t care. And I certainly don’t think suffering can magically grant meaning to the universe if there isn’t any already.

          • Kyle

            I know exactly what you mean and couldnt agree more- there is much beauty and art and happiness in the world. But I will always be of the opinion that you must have some baseline, some reference point with which to work from. “No darkness without light” and all that noise. a perfectly happy life can be lived without hardship, but I can almost 100% guarantee that no matter how happy and easy the life, no matter how much money or friends or happiness one person has, there will always be something that gets them down, even if its just the death of their loved ones around them.

  • MrArthoz .

    Hmmm wishing about something you want so much and work hard in your life…sometimes that wish is for something that deep in your heart you knew it is impossible…having it also is nothing more than a milestone but the effort for it is what makes it pricelesss…supposed you were chased by a man eating lion and survive…which is more exciting–that moment you were running–or the moment you escape to safety—or the lifetime you spent telling the story?

  • Seb ‘xplo’ Lemery

    There is no such thing as a “god” This is why :)