#31: What?!!

00031 - how many

Is it even possible to have our minds blown to the point that our understanding of reality changes forever? I’m pretty sure, that if this did happen, it would feel really, really, really, really good.

  • Morlott

    You’re talking drugs?! Don’t.

  • BottomBreeder

    Interesting how Ghod takes so few forms, at least in the western world, but “da devil” has so many. I’m surprised there aren’t wars over that – perhaps they are coming. “Kill the one who dares draw the beast!”

    • Joe Ray

      I’ve heard of religions like that. I couldn’t tell you which one because I don’t study that stuff.

      • 4DMessiah

        And what a waste of time it would be, in the current sense, when even the saviors on TV (Pat Robertson, in this example) cried out once (I saw it!) that the hologram on the Visa/Mastercard plastic cards, was indeed, The Beast himself!! However he never mentioned it again, when he realized how “The Beast” made it easier for the demented to give money to him.

        Who was the true “beast” after all???

        The answer is here! ——> http://stalebacon.com/comic-113/

  • Myself

    truth always blows my mind and changes my perspective. If God appeared on earth again as he did in the past it would have an impact on my life.

    • 4DMessiah

      It already must be, if you think he was here once or multiple times before!

      This comic might help put things in perspective… —> http://formalsweatpants.com/comic/god-bless-you/

      • Myself

        I don’t think God appeared as told in the story’s. It would be like me appearing in front of my own red blood cell (I believe). Back then they really thought differently then us today regarding life, faith and gods. Would be cool to see the incredible hulk walking around though.

  • Liam Longstride

    The little things blow my mind. I once worked at a power plant where I learned that the generators ran at 60Hz (60 cycles per minute). The electricity would run through the wires and into a motor at your home (say a fan). Since electricity is light speed fast, your motor in your home will run at the exact same 60Hz. Electricity is like light-speed drive-shaft. Its incredible.

  • herp derperson

    Im told the astronauts on the ISS experience something akin to that on their first spacewalk, that sudden perception shift from being in the void, seeing the earth in it’s entirety below you and realizing just how small you are.

  • Adrien Mau

    You can still try it out through games, as it allows us to create a entirely different universe with different rules: Antichamber, Perspective, Portal, Fez…