• Morlott

    Fun fact: you can not tell. Electric impulses reach your brain. Could all be fake and your brain is in a glass bottle on a shelf attached to a reality feeder. My personal hell.

    • BottomBreeder

      Do you know where your jar is stored? I’ve got to take a leak and, well, you know.

  • Ryan Liberty Fox Carr

    Solipism! Yay!

    • BottomBreeder

      Worse yet, is solipism with priapism!

  • machi

    this is deep.

  • Fleet399 .

    Even if we do “exist” this comment aptly points out, we’re still just constructs of G-ds imagination

  • Julie

    Reminds me of when I was a kid and I thought I was the only human in the world and everyone else was robots. Whenever I left a room they’d just power down and wait till I re-entered. At one point I wondered if only adults were like that; kids were real, teachers and parents and everyone else was a robot. Then I tried to imagine every house with only kids alive in it and powered down robots stored in one room.

    • 1111

      What a scary world! Cool movie plot though.