#29: One wish (Part 1)

One wish (Part 2)
One wish (Part 3)

00029 - one wish

I often ponder whether there is such a thing as the perfect wish – whether there is one wish that trumps all other wishes. Maybe if I can work out what this wish is, I will find eternal happiness? The one wish series explores some of my musings on this perfect wish. Part 1 reveals that wanting infinite wishes ultimately leads to wanting to be a god – which makes no sense, as then our very existence would be redundant.

  • Alex Wolfe

    Why would wanting to be/ being a god make our existence redundant?? How does that follow??

    • 1111

      I don’t need to answer this as I see you read Part 2

      • Alex Wolfe

        It didn’t satisfactorily answer my question. I still don’t get your logic at all, I’m afraid…

      • Adrien Mau

        Also, this is like playing a game with cheatcodes p:

  • Fleet399 .

    My wish would be for my kids to end up and be better than me, and their kids better than them on and on. I suggest this as the reason why grandparents love grandkids

    • 1111

      But there are still better wishes.

      • Fleet399 .

        I don’t believe so, the idea of humanity continually improving itself for infinity just makes me feel happy. In the end, in my opinion, we`re all trying to leave the world better than when we found it. It`s a wish that, personally, makes me feel happy

        • BottomBreeder

          see my earlier comment for better wishes. :-D

  • zippy
  • BottomBreeder

    Excellent 3 part arc. Definitely a thinking comic.

    Of course, had he just wished for $100 billion and all the pussy he could point at, he’d learn to only care about his own happiness.

    I wish I were that happy.

  • MrLunar

    in the context of what you just said perhaps wishing for eternal happiness would be the ultimate wish