#28: Two hands.

00028 - two hands

I was on a bus and on this bus there was a very young severely disabled girl. The girl looked happy playing with her toys and yet I knew she would never have the same life as most other girls. People will view her as being disfigured and this will likely affect her throughout her life. It made me very sad, because so often I don’t even think about how lucky I am to look the way I am and be able to physically to do so many things. Most people don’t even realize how fortunate they are, and yet society determines what is ‘normal’ and attractive – even if a person deemed to be different is living a contented life, at some point society will make them feel different and unattractive.

  • MrArthoz .

    Have you ever lost one of your permanent tooth? And you had this long talk with your parents about stuff like dentures and porridges? So don’t worry too much, sooner or later you will come to understand things in life like disability, disfigurement and MUNCH AS MUCH MEAT AS YOU CAN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!! @_@

  • Myself

    thorns and demons have feelings too… they are just what they were created to be. I REALLY like you last sentence.