#25: I exist.

00025 - I exist

If your existence was nothing but 1s (i.e. no variation, no reference point), then you really wouldn’t have a concept of existence. Zero provides a reference point.

  • Morlott

    Noone -made of whatsoever- but the creator really has a concept of existence, with or without reference points.

    • BottomBreeder

      How would you know what a creator’s concept of anything would be? You’re little more than cellular slime.

      • Morlott

        What part of “noone” did you fail to get? Includes me. Learn from me a bit more before you try that. You even use my argument above for my own comment, that’s something you notice a lot in certain discussions. Among 4th graders.

  • MrArthoz .

    He is the alpha and omega, beginning and the end, 1 and 0…but the only things that scares me more are parallel, perpendicular and asypmtote…in that reference point(s) give me hope or a sense of despair…

  • MemoryFell

    It is uncanny, I have imagined a place like that existed but it is just white stretching out to forever with nothing there. I feel like it could be a dimension.

  • MrLunar

    oh wow we are the flower