• Morlott

    I am not sure they’re a majority but there are people who take your being nice as a weakness like predators smelling blood. Choose who to be nice to for a reason -> people have a vibe, try to sense it.

  • MrArthoz .

    Being nice is a good thing…no greater reward than to see relief in their face as they smiled and knowing that in their heart for one brief moment all the burden in their life is gone. Life is too short and nobody lives forever….since there are others who prey on the weak and kind, so show your kindness like god…love and care without prejudice but hurt and betray us and you will face the full wrath of heaven…but still any apology is accepted, thunderbolts are always refundable…

  • Myself

    This is a complicated one and still searching peace with it. Unfortunately many of us take other peoples words to heart because that was the way we were taught. I realized that other peoples words/feelings is just an interpretation of their standards/mood directed at me and who I am to them. Therefore I can be beautiful today and ugly tomorrow to the same person… leaving me with one option, just smile and know deep inside I am more then someone else’s interpretation of such words.