#23: Cheat codes.

00023 - cheat codes

Cheat codes ruin games, and yet we often feel angry when things don’t go our way in life. Don’t struggles and challenges make our victories that much sweeter? If we had the ‘cheat codes’ to life – everything would become meaningless.

  • Morlott

    Life is so full of insane borders made by men that I’d HAPPILY CHEAT ON IT EVERY DAMN SECOND I HAVE LEFT. And because I thrive on it, I’d do it to help others, not become rich or powerful. That is meaningless.

    • 1111

      You create borders for others even if you don’t realize it. If you want people to play by your rules, you need to play by theirs.

  • Danielle

    Maybe some people do have the cheat codes.. through the position they are born into (third world vs. third world etc)

    • 1111

      Everyone plays a different game. We are all lucky when we compare ourselves to someone who has it worse than us. Even though ‘worse’ is a subjective concept.

      • Myself

        is it luck? is it Karma? is it God’s will? is it “the souls experience of this life?” is it our choice? do we have options? is it random coincidence? is it meant to be? I cant wait for the 4.0 version of me to come out!

  • MrArthoz .

    i have nothing to say….except I have this really strong urge to hug you…thank you for making me feel warm inside…