• Morlott

    Again. Creator level being analyzed by cellular level does not compute.

    • Stephen

      Morlott, No one cares that you do not grasp the author’s reasoning. You have done this for many of his comics, adding nothing to the conversation. Your limited imagination is no reason to put others down for trying to analyze God in new ways.

      • John

        >Frivolously dismisses Morlott’s problem

        >Accuses Morlott of adding nothing to a conversation

        >Adds nothing to the conversation

        If you actually wanted to have a conversation, you could have told Morlott that OP was using the concept of a divine being as a tool for personal introspection. Instead you decided to try to humiliate Morlott for not appreciating the comic.

        You’re a real piece of shit, Stephen.

        • 1111

          Girls and boys, please behave. No one is a piece of sh!t. No one should be putting down anyone, and no one should have their ideas and beliefs patronized.

    • MrArthoz .

      Of course it doesn’t compute when you are trying to see the work of god through mortal eyes. But it’s never wrong to sometimes ponder and think…in a simpler way rather than a complicated and bloody theological debate…where no one will be satisfied until the final points is 1:0.