#219: Love yourself.

1111comics - 00219 - love yourself

Love yourself.

This comic came two hundred and nine comics after its prequel: #10 Love yourself

There have been a lot of questions about this comic, so I put together somewhat of an explanation for you:

Gman is speaking to ‘himself’. In fact, he is speaking to ‘himself’ four times at once: ‘his’ two faces are speaking to themselves via the mirror, but ‘he’ is also speaking through the mirror at the other Gmen which are really just more manifestations of Gman – and they speak to other Gmen (so all Gmen speak to each other at the same time). The mirrors are like planes of reality / time, and although there is one Gman in between each plane, Gman also exists across all planes at the same time and speaks across planes. Don’t forget Gman is 1111’s God as is defined on the About page as “an entity which is infinitely everything at the same time”. All of this is in the end unnecessary to understand the comic, because ultimately Gman is just speaking to ‘himself’ and to you. Or rather, you are speaking to yourself, because Gman is you, or at least one part of your mind. The use of the word ‘Then’ indicates order of action, but not necessarily causation i.e. does loving them cause you to forgive yourself? Or do you need to love them before you can forgive yourself? Or do you need to forgive them to learn how to forgive yourself so that you can learn to love yourself? Gman isn’t clear about this, but what Gman speaks is truth if not command. I broke this comic into 2 sections – the first 4 panels that you understand, and the last ‘panel’ which seems totally unfamiliar. I did this to highlight that our reality is like a 4 panel comic that makes sense, but there is another ‘realm’ where Gman ‘exists’ and we cannot make any sense of this ‘place’ right now. If you try to understand the last panel it will just blow your mind, so you should stay within the 4 panel realm, but you can still listen to the words that transcend both realms. Trying to understand the realm of God is pointless (see Understanding God – Part 1), but the words we use to communicate still make sense.

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    You amaze me sir

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    How do I become aware of this?

  • Sly Fox

    219 and still going strong. Keep up the wonderful work, it’s been an enjoyable binge read.

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      New comic tomorrow!

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    Read this again today, thanks I needed it.