#215: Jackrabbit.

1111comics - 00215 - jackrabbit

But they were all hares.

As part of 1111′s A-Z of Creatures. J is for Jackrabbit. Jackrabbits are hares, not rabbits. In most cases, jackrabbits have an alternate hare name. For example, the white-tailed jackrabbit is also known as the prairie hare.

My apologies for the three week break since my last update. I was moving house, moving countries, and starting a new job.  I hope to return to my usual routine of at least one comic per week now that my life has been reestablished.

What animal would you like to see for K?

  • http://goodevilgenius.org/ Dan Jones

    Kiwi, or Komodo Dragon

  • shriek

    Moral of the story:- Be a vulture. There’s always a feast at the end.

  • Andrew

    What about the Kookaburra?

  • George


  • Xian Mardiros

    Thank god, we’d thought you died.