#202: Dodo.

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My Dad always told me that anything was possible. I still believe him.

As part of 1111′s A-Z of Creatures. D is for Dodo. Dodos were once native to Mauritius, but became extinct after Dutch settlers colonized the island, hunted them, and brought with them dogs, pigs, cats and rats. The last recorded sighting of a dodo was in 1662. Dodos are often regarded as stupid flightless birds, but some records suggest loyalty to one another:

We drove them together into one place in such a manner that we could catch them with our hands, and when we held one of them by its leg, and that upon this it made a great noise, the others all on a sudden came running as fast as they could to its assistance, and by which they were caught and made prisoners also. Source

RIP. Dodo.

  • Ihmehiitaja

    We humans can be really disgusting sometimes.

  • beonka

    Any animal that takes care of it’s young will probably showcase at least basic empathetic behaviours. This includes birds. :3 Dr. Frans De Waal studies empathy in animals.

  • Dogs>Cats

    I think hes crying in the last frame because of his lost innocence…he once believed that dodos would fly to the moon but now as an adult he knows better…but he loves his son and wants to shield him from the harsh reality of the world. I dont know if I over thought this one or not, but it hit me pretty hard. good stuff, as always.