I can surely say I consider this day a better one now that I’ve read this comic. Loved it.

  • Myself

    That is what got us in this messy confusing life I believe. I understand we all have a choice, but only one truth. Believe what you want and continue to live in a confusing world or believe the truth and make a better world.

  • Cathriene101

    If there IS a cat, and there IS a box, I think we could agree that at one point the cat was in the box, or tried reeeeeally hard to be, even if it is not now. Because… cats. *nodnod*

  • Dogs>Cats

    “Well, at least there is one thing we can agree on…Dogs are better than cats.” I read earlier where you said there are no coincidences… :) nice

  • http://www.wsgeorge.com/ Jesse Jojo Johnson

    This is the best thing I’ve read all day.