• Jordan Ferguson

    This is really wonderful. I love where you’re going with the Tim story.

  • MrUnkownGuy

    And the whole thing loops back! PARADOX ALERT!

  • sum1

    This seems like a make-believe thing
    I don’t think we live outside of reality.. I think we are reality
    Btw the dragon looks amazing, I keep forgetting your awesome animation style, cuz you work mostly on stickman figures

  • Vejce

    What if he wanted to be part of his previous reality again? Would it be possible?
    And what if he decides that he doesn’t want to be a god? Can he decide he is normal human inside his own created reality and make it happen somehow?

  • Myself

    can those people then become God and leave the God that created them behind? and start their own universe? I guess since this is just 1 section of infinity.