#178: Down the rabbit hole.

1111comics - 00178 - down the rabbit hole

Curiosity, fear and love are fundamental motivators behind 1111’s three main protagonists.

Fear can quickly destroy curiosity. And love is the best way to vanquish fear.

But what defeats love? Either I’m not curious enough to want to know the answer, or perhaps I’m afraid to find out what it might be. Or maybe there is no answer.

  • MrArthoz .

    Thanks for the advice…

    • 1111

      There is no advice here.

      • MrArthoz .

        I mean it reminded me to be grateful to have that special someone by my side…I always got caught up with stress at work and forget…a simple hug cures all the pain in life…I wish both of us weren’t always so busy and could spend more time together…

        • MrArthoz .

          Hey thanks for all your artwork…not sure where you get your inspiration but it always hit the mark…not sure what, but it clicks inside me…somewhere…

  • Aixa Wayne

    I’ve seen fear defeat love, and it was one of the saddest things ever. But the thing about love is, its never really defeated, is it? It can always come back when you least expect it :)

  • isirium3 .

    Closing the triangle… Curiosity can destroy love: Searching and wanting more than we have, even when we have all we need.

    • 1111

      I believe you are right, but I didn’t want to close the triangle on purpose. It worries me.