• Darrisson Hubbard

    7. Someone will get sick of fish at 6. At 7, however, is when they lose their minds.

    • SoraHjort

      Ptffhaha… only 7? Maybe in places where they don’t get much in terms of fresh fish, let alone variety in fish. Coastal towns, such in Maine and Alaska digest a lot of fish. Along with variety and methods of cooking.

      So besides the obvious answer of “it varies from place to place and person to person”, I would say, from personal experience… the 12th fish in a row.. to have not been deboned properly. Biting into a fish bone while chewing makes me feel queezy.. It’s why I tend to like Halibut over other fish like Salmon, since they’re less likely to have missed bones.

  • Nukri Mazmishvili

    one that knows how to drive.
    YEAAAAAH! -basketball dunk-

  • Fightingfurball

    An i amount of fish

  • Dogs>Cats

    I want to know!!

  • Kyle

    i say it depends on what the fish is doing. If its just chilling, minding its own business, it would take a lot. But if the fish started talking, started reading, from memory, the entirety of Moby Dick, verbatim, i would say it takes only one fish.

    • diealein

      nah, id listen and be entertained.

  • State

    I’m probably wrong, or overthinking this, but I feel like it’s not about fish. It’s a pointless riddle, and Dman knows it. That’s what people are going to go insane over. Trying to find an answer to a riddle that either doesn’t have an answer, or the answer is so pointless figuring it out doesn’t mean anything.