• SebastiĆ£o DE Andrade

    Its funny becus the dog is color blind

    • LoLo Mersea

      Yeah, reading your comment I just got it — figures the dog wouldn’t know which way to go xD

  • MrArthoz .

    Yay discussion time…my brain is supercharged with coffee so I guess things I see right now are more methodical and mean…let me see…doesn’t dogs see with their nose? >_<

    I remember someone taught me one important rule of fiction…never allow you reader's mind to stutter and question what they are reading…not for a moment…if you could do that, no matter how unbelieveable it is, they will still be engrossed with the story…

    Sorry, with coffee I have a very dry personality…

    • 1111

      This man nose to much.

      • MrArthoz .

        Eek! I’m sorry…I promise I’ll behave….please don’t stop drawing…it’s my preacious…