#17: Meaning in everything.

00017 - meaning in anything

As humans we try to find patterns and make sense of everything – this allows our reality to exist – because otherwise anything could be possible. This comic makes an observation that the most accurate age of the universe we have so far, features every second number from the Fibonacci sequence – it means nothing, or does it?

  • Morlott

    Especially when you also take into account that some data hints to the universe being a simulation it means less than nothing, indeed. It could be switched on 12k years ago and still look like it’s 13,8 B years old and there is no red or blue pill to leave this matrix.

    • http://theios.net/ Rico Penguin

      This is extremely unlikely. If this universe is almost certainly a simulation the universe simulating it would almost certainly be a simulation as well (for the same reasons). Which in turn would need to be simulated.

      This creates an infinitely long chain of simulations nested within one another. Which suggests that of the infinitely many universes in this chain all of them are in perfect harmony and none has ever lost its internet/power/whatever else needed to run the simulation.

      Even if we assume that time is dilated within universes there are still infinitely many and you likely can’t infinitely shorten time (if you could an arrow wouldn’t fly, for instance). So either all universes are eternally in harmony above our own or we are not in a simulation.

      • Myk

        I think you may be presuming too many requirements for the universe to be a simulation. I frequently run time-lapses of strategy games, which are to an extent a very limited and basic simulated universe. Many videos have been lost due to the loss of power or a crash in the system while recording, but I still have the game, and I still have my computer, so I can just start another simulation. They don’t end up the same, and entire “universes” are lost, but that doesn’t stop the simulating process from going forward.

        As computers improve our simulations will improve as well, and we’ll be able to create a vast number of simulated universes from our one universe. If they ever get complex enough, then it would be very possible for each simulated universe to host many simulated universes within themselves. Furthermore, the sheer number of simulated universes to real one(s) would heavily suggest that it is more likely that we are in one of many simple simulations rather than a more complex, yet much less numerous “real” universe(s).

        • http://theios.net/ Rico Penguin

          Certainty and infinity aren’t very many requirements. It’s just that their presence means a great deal.

          The last thing you wrote is a weird instance of x having nothing to do with y but you still use y to justify presumption x :p. There are many more animals than people, but you are still very likely a person.

  • Lilu Khaos

    I have a better (or worse suggestion). Because the further you go with the fibonacci sequence, then while it does get close to the age of the universe we are at, but it wasn’t so 10 billion years ago, or 13 billions years ago. While every second number of the Fibonacci sequence stays exactly the same whether it is now, or 13 billion years ago, then what if the Fibonacci sequence shows the age of universe when ‘something amazing’ can happen.

    But then you can argue further: true maybe the ‘culmination’ of the universe is within the net million years or so, or closer, or maybe tomorrow, since we cannot precisely say what is the age of universe now, but what if that ‘amazing’ point is missed. Do we add another number on top?

    So if the next amazeballs point is 13’821’551’443.77 (every second 7 digits divided by hundred) The the previous would have been, 13’821’551.44, the one before 13’821.55, the one before 138.21, the one before 1.38, and the one before 0.13, the one before 0.01, and the one before 0. But the time between each amazeballs point becomes longer and longer. So if the amazeballs point is missed, the next one will happen on in: 13’807’729’892’335.21 years and now I;m obsessing about that. Damn you. :D :D

    • 1111

      Haha, ‘amazeballs point’! I think when we reach the amazeballs point, everything will make sense. The big ahhhhh.