#164: Favorites.

1111comics - 00164 - favorites (for awkward yeti)

It’s our brain that makes us feel alone.

Our heart will never betray us.

And why did God hug Lars? Because he needed a hug even if he didn’t realize it. Dman does what he wants. God does what you need.

This comic was made for the Awkward Yeti – a clever dude who is pioneering comics that are not only fun, but teach us as well. Go support him!

  • Nukri Mazmishvili

    I love your comics!, You might not be getting overwhelming support but there are a lot of people that don’t know you but adore your art. c:

  • http://www.nishasalim.com/ Nisha Salim

    Just found you on Twitter. I like your art too. Have bookmarked and will come back for more.

    • 1111


  • Myself

    I understand now… I’m 52% Dman.