#160: Useless appendage.

1111comics - 00160 - useless appendage

Probably best we don’t tell him. It’ll only make him sad.

As part of 1111′s A-Z of Creatures. R is for Rhinoceros. Three of the five species of rhino are critically endangered. Rhinos are sadly hunted for their horns; that’s right people, apparently they have magical powers. Yeah, sure, so does my ‘horn’.

For the rhino at least, their horns are an important tool. They use them for defense, for digging, attracting mates (the word is that bigger is better), steering young, and moving poop ಠ_ಠ

  • Joseph R. Fink

    Poor rhino will never use his “horn”

    • 1111

      Oh, is that how it ends?

  • Maddeh

    I have gone through a good amount of your comics, and I love them all! I also noticed a distinct lack of comments. Your comics deserve more comments and such! Please don’t stop making them. :)

    • 1111

      Sometimes people aren’t sure whether to laugh or cry. The last thing they are thinking about is what comment to make. But once they realize, they will start making comments :)

  • David McDade

    I spent all day intermittently reading every single one of your comics, and they’ve got me through it. And i’ve been having a bad day. That’s all the detail you need. You made my day bearable.

    • 1111

      And you made me happy. Thank you.

  • Bob

    Where did you go? I missed your comics

    • 1111

      I got lost in my head. I’m back now.

  • Gabestph

    Peeing, mostly.