#144: Why the long face?

1111comics - 00144 - why the long face

Is it because I’m missing my horn? Or is it because I am sad?   – every horse.

I’m not a fan of copyright being used to take away color and creativity from the world all in the pursuit of wealth for a few. If I come up with an idea all on my own, then it’s my idea too. That being said, I am sure we’ll find our way to something that makes everyone happy one day.

We’re often sad when something we love is taken away and we know we can’t get it back. These wounds will take time to heal, but one day we’ll forget they even existed. RIP. the belief in unicorns.

As part of 1111′s A-Z of Creatures. N is for Narwhal. A narwhal ‘horn’ is actually a single protruding tooth and some narwhals can have two such tusks (though most females have none). These tusks are sensitive sensory organs with millions of nerve endings.

  • Kyle

    Scotlands official state animal is the unicorn. and that shit is in the bible too. Much ‘corn love.

    • Sebine

      god is pro-rape, pro-slavery, pro-childrape

      That shit is also in the bible.