#142: Everything explained.

1111comics - 00142 - everything explained

How would you know?

If someone told you they could speak to God, would you believe them? What would they have to do to convince you?

I’m pretty sure that first they’d have to convince you that God exists. That would be hard *lol*


So there have been a lot of questions about this comic, so here is the spoiler (it’s more funny to work it out yourself, but if you can’t be bothered, read on): this comic is the 2nd most difficult to understand comic I have made so far. I will try and explain by firstly asking you 2 questions: can anyone prove anyone’s sexual orientation? can anyone prove someone is speaking to God or not? The answer to both is we only know what we can see for ourselves. For the first question if a person acts ‘straight’ then they are ‘not’ gay. For the second, there is no way that I know beyond proving that God exists to the person. So, hypothetically, the man in the picture, let’s call him Bob, claims he can speak to God when he is high – we don’t know if he is telling the truth, and the people don’t like this guy going around saying such stuff so they execute him. Afterwards, society wants to prevent this happening again, so they ban weed first (and later other drugs that make you go high). Then a rumor goes around that Bob was gay (he never took a wife and there was no proof he had sex with women, although he did hang out with a lot of dudes). So, society which is made up of mostly ‘straight’ people wanted to further make Bob seem evil so no one would believe him, so they made it a crime to be gay. I don’t reveal that’s what happens, that’s what I left the reader to work out for themselves. The most important thing to remember is that Bob NEVER did anything bad beyond claim he could speak to God . He only spoke of good and peace, but people are afraid of what they don’t believe and so seek to abolish it. Sorry about the long explanation. I could have made this into a 20 panel comic, but I like it when you guys connect the dots yourselves. It’s not always about the joke, sometimes it’s about journey. Also, the title is ironic.

P.S. I want to make it clear: I would never intentionally make a joke of someone’s faith. Nothing in this comic makes fun of Bob. The comic is meant to make fun of the people who disputed Bob’s faith without any facts to back up their opinion.

  • Ethan MojoJoejoe Lamb

    Which was the first confusing comic?

    • 1111

      You mean *difficult to understand*. Confusing implies something doesn’t make sense. Difficult to understand means that it requires a lot of work to understand. That being said, you can still be confused by something difficult to understand. It just means it doesn’t make sense to you. The most difficult to understand comic I have made so far (and perhaps ever will), is ‘The one wish’ comic: http://www.1111comics.me/comic/140

      • Pachecon

        I only understand you when im high

        • 1111

          Try it when you’re not. You’ll get a much bigger high.

  • RonnieRadke

    sorry for my bad english, let me tell my vision of this comic: bob told he was the only who can speak to God on drugs, he also don believe in the other people

  • makc

    you kind of forgot that they made it a crime to be gay long before the bob was born.

    • 1111

      It’s just a comic. I don’t know everything :)

  • zippy

    http://www.everystudent.com/features/isthere.html mathematical proof god exists ps organelles inside cells can’t live without each other. How does that gradually evolve? I respect you.