#140: The one wish.

1111comics - 00140 - the one wish

Oops, God can’t lie.

Who is you? It’s you,

I can already imagine Heaven. It has you in it.

(If you’re wondering what The one wish is all about, you’ll have to read 1111 comics from the beginning. But if you don’t have time for that, at least check out comic #29)

  • nechaba

    Hi, mind explaining this comic? I’m afraid I don’t really get this one, that you claimed to be the “most difficult to understand comic” you’ve made.

    • 1111

      The ‘One wish’ is the best wish possible i.e. there is no better wish. However, just me telling you is obviously not very convincing. It’s not really possible for me to explain why this is the one wish, and it’s something you’d have to work out or try to disprove yourself. All my comics, prior to this one, and after this one, culminate in this wish (although I didn’t realize it when I was making them) and seek to reinforce it even after the fact. Behind the comics there are many many pages of notes and logic exercises as well. Maybe I’m crazy, and you don’t have to believe me, but I am sure there is no better wish that this one. And if you can believe it, then ‘everything else’ falls into place.

  • MrArthoz .

    I don’t know about others, but in my life sometimes things got so bad that it seemed there is no hope it would get any better. There was a time people around me is in pain, in doubt and losing every grip on their sanity…they look up to me as a sturdy rock in the face of the storm maybe because I’m just a crazy cynic. I had to tell myself things will get better, I had to believe it so that others could find shelter in my false optimism. Say what you want about the risk of finding the truth in what you believe. I had to suffer an emotional heresy, ignoring whether it is truth or lies so that others would find the strength to keep on surviving. Is that wrong? Is the truth more important than happiness? Or is it better to know the real truth of the situation then live in pain, hatred and bearing the lifelong burden of revenge just to uphold the luxury of morality? What I did might be wrong and deceiving but given the chance I will still do the same. That is my answer, my choice…feel free to disagree if it makes you happy…

  • Myself