#129: I can change.

1111comics - 00129 - i can change

A person can change, but they have to want to change and then put in the effort. Don’t ever convince yourself you can’t make things better for yourself (unless it already is the best thing you can imagine). You always can if you want to.

As part of 1111’s A-Z of Creatures. J is for Jaguar. Jaguar spots are quite different from those of a leopard. Jaguar spots are large circles with a spot inside. Leopard spots are smaller circles without a spot in the middle.

  • kinokochan

    “Leopard spots are smaller and a solid dark color.”
    No. Leopards still have the rosette shape (dark around the edge, light in the middle) but without the spot inside. The cheetah’s spots are smaller and a solid dark color.

    • 1111

      Thank you! I wrote the wrong thing last night as I was finishing up at 2:30am and my brain was an exhausted scramble. Good pick up – I fixed it here and on tumblr. I owe you.

  • Guilherme Tavares

    But it do changes it’s tie