#124: *Click*

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1) Thor did use a filter for his selfie despite using the #nofilter hashtag.
2) Thor is trying to be nonchalant about the protein shake beside his hammer. He doesn’t even mention it.
3) What does he think is #inspirational about that photo? Is he talking up his own hammer / life?
4) Notice that Thor likes his own post.
5) Who do you respect more in this comic – God or Dman? Or both?
6) So much emotion and friendship / unfriendship between two clicks of the button!

There are a few other things, but I’ll leave those for you to find and muse on.


    typical Thor :D

  • Mário Santos

    Thor and Dman have 1 mutual friend.

    • 1111

      But how? ;)

      • Thaís Cavalcante

        First, nobody wakes up wearing a helmet, so he previously prepared himself for the “just woke up” photo. The multual friend they have is God itself. Well, Thor is a God of the nordic mythology, and his hammer symbolizes judgment, so he symbolizes the judgment of God himself. When he likes his own photo off course God is gonna like it too, because Thor is the “Son of God”, he’s acctually God (look at the clouds, he’s on the sky). The Dman is judging Thor for being such a douche, he’s the one judging Thor’s nascisistic behavior and Thor doesn’t aprove it, ’cause he just accept people who inflates his own ego. Dman is the side of Thor he doesn’t like, that he wants to hide, he is his ugly side. The three are all related ’cause they are all the same person from different “realities”.

        • Miles

          I don’t wake up wearing a helmet usually, but I have been known to wake up already wearing boots.

      • Thaís Cavalcante

        Hey, just wanna say i love you comics so much, you seem to be a very wise person, maybe I’ll become a supporter, nice work! ;)

  • Myself

    God will like anything, Dman is just honest. they have a mutual friend because Thor probably wanted to be friends with whom ever God was friends with even though he doesn’t know Dman but he is popular. Thor cannot take criticism. 1111 appears on the strip as a whole. How did I do?

    • Nitschke

      1 new comment, 11 secs and 1 mutual friend. Nice find!