#122: The breakup.

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I can’t claim to understand love, but I do know that if you go into a relationship expecting it to fail, it almost certainly will. By titling the poem ‘The breakup’ I already had you wondering how the love story was going to fail, but what if I had named it something different? Would you have picked up that it can be read backwards? If I had named the poem ‘Falling in love’ and not told you it can be read backwards, you likely would have reached the end and thought not much else of it (except maybe “what a boring poem”).

The poem only ends when you choose to stop reading. I like loops, but for a happy ending, I would finish reading when you get to the bottom.

Anyway, it’s something different for a change. Happy melancholy Monday,

  • http://pensodunque.wordpress.com/ Valerio Vota


    • 1111

      Thank you

  • Al Espina

    that’s just beautiful man… woah .. such a strong feeling… just wow.

    • 1111

      Thank you so much. I hope the backwards part was a surprise. I like surprises.

      • Al Espina

        Actually when i was readin half way i kinda have an idea about it, but wasnt totally sure, so at the end i checked it up backwards, and yeah, you totally nailed it! :D! kudoz to you!

        • 1111


  • Ethan MojoJoejoe Lamb

    This is beautiful yet sad. Good job! And poor little Tim sitting at the bottom all alone.

  • Comrade Bobo

    B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L… Can I use this and give it to my girlfriend?

    • Parasignosis

      I wouldn’t do that.

      • Comrade Bobo

        Please tell me why? Perhaps can use a little advice from you.

        • Parasignosis

          The reason that I wouldn’t show this to an ex is because relationships are categorically personal and complex. Using anything – be it someone else’s poetry, music or a comic – as a template to convey some sort of message inherently makes it less personal and in some cases trivialises what you actually wish to say. Both of these factors make that your partner almost certainly won’t interpret the “message” in the way that you hope. My advice would be to keep such intimate “messages” personal and not to use external expressions. You can use external things for motivation, but in the end you must express how you yourself feel.

          Now, this does not mean that you should go and write poetry and give it your girlfriend, or that you should take her somewhere quiet and spill your heart out. Remember: relationships are also complex. Every action that you make will have a certain result, and you need to bear in mind what result you want. Think of it as a chess game – some moves will only make things worse. If you are too expressive, you might come across as simply depressed over the situation (that you’ve broken up?), which won’t necessarily make her more attracted to you. There are many factors that need to be kept in mind. I’m no expert, so I can’t share much advice into finding out what she wants from you, but what I can advise you is to not put your girlfriend on a pedestal. You need to believe that you are the free man that you genuinely are. This is not a step-back, but only a step in a different direction – keep looking ahead. Life is fucking tough and full of things that will hurt you, but nothing is so big that it can break you, unless you let it.

          Stay strong.

          • Comrade Bobo

            Thank you. This kind of advice is what I really need the most right now. Almost everything you’ve said is right. In fact, I think she already left me but I’m the one who can’t accept the truth that she left me. This is the 3rd time I got dumped actually. As I see she is supposed to be my last gf and we are planning to get married in the middle of next year.

  • M├írio Santos

    This is extraordinary. Very beautiful, sad but true tho. Nice job.

  • Kyle

    damn this got me