#116: Stay positive.

1111comics - 00116 - stay positive

Tim (our protagonist) – yes, his name is Tim and he wears blue jeans – applied for an office job. He was not successful. Tim might be crazy.

Staying positive requires you to focus on the good things, sometimes to the exclusion of the bad. Seems a bit crazy since it’s just a little voice inside your head telling you that everything will be okay.

  • Kim


  • Julie

    Me. Everyday.
    Then I got someone else, equally crazy, to hug me!
    It’s the little things.

  • Myself

    this is what talking to God looks and feels like… so who is crazy? People in church? people in distress? not them, they are talking to God. But if someone is walking down the street having a conversation with God. then he is crazy? funny how we perceive life…