#111: Lessons on radiation.

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Comics are such a bad influence on children. Made in response to Godzilla by our friend NineteenLettersLong. Check out his comics. They’re hilarious.

This comic was also inspired by something my mum would always say to me as a kid.

P.S. Roentgenium is a chemical element with atomic number 111. It can only be observed in a laboratory as it does not exist in nature. Its half-life (time it takes to decay to half its value) is only 26 seconds! Isn’t that sad? – short life and almost no one gets to see it. Poor Roentgenium. Like other 1111 comics, #111 will teach you nothing, so let this be your lesson on radiation.

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    so far all your comics have tough me more then some institutions and religions have not reached in the past 1000 years. A half life to us or Roentgenium might be trillions of years in the universes created inside of it.