#101: Heartbeats

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Is it a character in the reality it created, or watching from above? Would it even recognize its heartbeats for what they were? Perhaps it would think of these as days in a lifetime.

(For those wondering: the baby is missing all five senses, but can sense the beat of its own heart. There is an interesting idea that if a person was born without any of the senses they would be as good as brain dead because there would be no external stimuli. However, assuming it can still sense the beat of its heart, this might be enough variation – if only in a binary way – to spark thought and imagination. Its whole life would exist around the beat of its heart which it probably wouldn’t even be able to comprehend. Also, since it would be living in a world outside of time as we experience it i.e. no reference point except the heartbeat, it probably could play out a lifetime of its creation in a much shorter span of ‘time’ as we know it)

  • Ethan MojoJoejoe Lamb

    I really do love all of these comics.. How could you ever come up with so many?

    • 1111

      Over thinking things. Glad you like the comics. I am not sure where they are heading, but I guess we’ll find out together.

  • Doogle Mcjohnson

    Johnny Got His Gun is a good read if you want to get into a mind similar to this. He can still feel, but loses the rest of his senses and it’s just a pretty great book.

  • Kyle

    I love this one too, made me think quite hard about existence and experience. Good gravy i feel like i could write a book about this one concept. love it. Though I should note that scientists believe we have dozens of senses, like balance, proprioception (sensing your limb locations) etc.