• Morlott

    I suppose you don’t try to assume an understanding of a multiverse creation force? We do exist. End of sentence so far. Purpose: go get yourself one. Love? Optional.

  • Danielle

    I find this a very interesting perspective as generally people say you must love yourself before you can love someone else. It kinda makes more sense the other way round. How you’ve put it… we are after all social animals.

    • 1111

      Learning to love ourselves is hard. Learning to love someone else is much easier – whether it be a lover, mother, or a child. Once you love someone else, the training wheels can be taken off and you can focus back on yourself :)

  • MrArthoz .

    I was taught to love others as much as I love myself…I guess it’s some sort of a yardstick for me to understand love, wanting the best for others what I think is best for me. But what if I’m a masochist? Would this concept be flawed?