#223: Why is Sean so mad?

1111comics - 00223 - why is sean so mad

Sean is a wolverine. Wolverines are solitary animals that are known for their ferocity.

But what gets Sean especially mad is people putting words in his mouth. Does it make you mad that someone speaks for you each day?

Sean the wolverine also appears in an episode of 1111 Animals on Webtoons.

#222: Cultured.

1111comics - 00222 - cultured

Hey animal lovers, did you know there is a standalone 1111 Animals series on Webtoons?

Did you know that urchin roe is a delicacy in Japan, often served on a bed of rice wrapped in seaweed. This is ‘uni’ – Japanese for urchin.

#215: Jackrabbit.

1111comics - 00215 - jackrabbit

But they were all hares.

As part of 1111′s A-Z of Creatures. J is for Jackrabbit. Jackrabbits are hares, not rabbits. In most cases, jackrabbits have an alternate hare name. For example, the white-tailed jackrabbit is also known as the prairie hare.

My apologies for the three week break since my last update. I was moving house, moving countries, and starting a new job.  I hope to return to my usual routine of at least one comic per week now that my life has been reestablished.

What animal would you like to see for K?

#214: iBis.

1111comics - 00214 - ibisBut can it read?

As part of 1111′s A-Z of Creatures. I is for Ibis. The ibis is found all over the world. They are a wading bird so will be found near large amounts of water where you will hear their honking calls.

#212: Hyena.

1111comics - 00212 - hyena

As part of 1111′s A-Z of Creatures. H is for Hyena. There are many different species of hyena, but it’s the Spotted Hyena which is recognized for its call which sound like hysterical giggling “hehehehe”